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Clemson Connection

Tim Cowan ’98

I’m in the Business of Tigers helping Tigers!

“There is something in these hills that brings together and binds together and holds together men and women of all persuasions, of all heights, sizes, weights, and cultural backgrounds – something that cuts across every difference, spans every gap, penetrates every wall – something that makes a man or a woman stand taller, feel better and say with a high pride to all within earshot, ‘I went to Clemson.'” – Joe Sherman

Tim Cowan Real Estate is something special for Tim Cowan.  Born and raised in the Atlanta area, Tim didn’t grow up a Clemson fan.  Although his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Mary Frances Daniel, did take him to his very first Clemson game in 1983, but Tim grew up pulling for Georgia Tech.  It wasn’t until his senior year in high school when he and his parents took an official visit to campus that he knew this place was special.  Tim enrolled at Clemson in the fall of 1991 and that would forever change his life and the color of his blood, which now runneth’s orange. While attending Clemson University, Tim was always very active.  He served on the Student Senate, was member of a fraternity and opened his own business (Rumors) while in college.  Tim returned to the Atlanta area after graduating from Clemson University with his degree in Business Management.  While working on his career, Tim continued to be a very active volunteer for Clemson University.  Tim served in numerous roles with the Clemson University Alumni Association including President of the Atlanta Clemson Club from 2006-2008 and Alumni National Council from 2009-2010. His most notable volunteer efforts was when he co chaired the efforts to get the Clemson license plate approved in the State of Georgia.

For his efforts, he was awarded the 2007 Alumni Volunteer of the Year and was a recipient of the Golden Tiger award.  Tim also serves as an IPTAY rep for Clemson athletics and has done so since 2008.  Tim is one of the most passionate Clemson fans around and truly believes in giving back to the University in any way possible.

Many of you may know Tim Cowan as “Mr D Fence” at the football games!

Tim is the founder and currently serves as the Managing Partner of Tim Cowan Real Estate of Keller Williams Real Estate.  Tim has SOLD over 700 houses and was names as one of the “100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents” by Real Estate Executive Magazine.  While Tim has lead his team to be one of the Top Real Estate Teams in all of Metro Atlanta, he enjoys helping his fellow Tigers clients the most.  “I really enjoy meeting and helping so many fellow Tiger fans.  Whether it is a recent graduate moving to Atlanta for a job or if they are retiring and moving back to Clemson, I love to help them all”.  If you are looking to Buy, Sell or Invest in Real Estate, give this Tiger a call!!  Tim Cowan 678-787-2720 or

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